Vá de Ônibus offers many search options, always informing Where You Are (origin) and Where Do You Want to Go (destination). You can inform the origin and destination addresses, or the Special Places (airports, restaurants, landmarks, and others) of origin and destination, or mix them."


Following are some examples of how to fill the field Where you are and Where you want to go.
* For Av. Presidente Vargas type Vargas.
* For Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto type Floriano or Peixoto.
* For Av. Brasil type only Brasil.
* For Rua Manoel Augusto Muguet type only Augusto.
* For Rua Salomão Vergueiro da Cruz type only Vergueiro or Cruz.
* For Av. Infante Dom Henrique (Aterro do Flamengo) type only Henrique.
* For Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana type only Copacabana.
* For Av. Dom Helder Câmara type Camara or Helder.
* For Rua Gonçalves Crespo type Goncalves or Crespo.
* For Rua Farme de Amoedo type Farme or Amoedo.
* For Rua Prefeito Olympio de Mello type Mello or Melo.
* For Rua Durval de Moraes type Moraes or Morais.
* For Rua 13 type Treze.
* For Rua 1° de Março type Primeiro or Marco.


When you choose the option Address, in the field Where You Are or in the field Where Do You Want to Go, it is necessary to type the names carefully to guarantee a successful search. Read carefully the Tips below before typing the addresses:
*Choose, in the city list, the one where you are and the one where you want to go to.
*Don’t type the words: “rua”, “avenida”, “estrada”, etc. Type only the name of the place.
*For places (streets, avenues etc) whose names have three or more words, type only one of the words that are part of the name.
*Terms, like presidente, coronel, general, marechal, senador, etc, should not be typed.
*Don’t type accents, cedilla or hyphen.
*Don’t use prepositions.
*For names of places with distinct spelling, try every possible spelling.
*For names of places containing numbers, write out
*Beside the address window, you can inform the number of the place you want to go. The information is not mandatory, but helps the search of options of bus lines that pass as closest as possible of the number informed.
*In case you don’t find the address you want, try to use names of well known and agitated places that are near the start and the finish points you look for."

Special Places

Places of interest are references of your origin and your destination. Vá de Ônibus offers a list of places of interest, classified in categories – airports, bus stations, restaurants, theaters, schools, supermarkets, gas stations, malls, places of interest, etc.
When you inform a places of interest as start or finish point, or both, simply select the city in which this site is located and enter the name of the Special Place that you wish to consult. For example, if the places of interest to be informed is Cristo Redentor, choose the city of Rio de Janeiro, and then in the field Street / Avenue, enter Cristo Redentor.
When you click directly on one of the places of interest listed, the name of the Place will, automatically, appear in the field Where You Want to Go. In this case, if you really want to know how to get to the places of interest chosen, you will have to fill out only the information of the field Where You Are.All the places of interest are listed by cities.
Therefore, if there is any Places of interest not present in the list, send your suggestion informing the name of the place, the category (places of interest, restaurants, airports, etc.), the city where it is located and the complete address.

Confirm Adresses

When you inform the origin address (in the field Where You Are) and destination (in the field Where Do You Want to Go), there are few tips to type the places’ names that will help you to make a safer search.After the search for the origin and destination addresses, a list of places with the typed names will pop up.You should choose one of the names and confirm the addresses.The choice of the name of the place and its confirmation should be made every time Vá de Ônibus shows a list with the possible addresses of your search.If no one of the places’ names listed is the one you informed as origin or destination, it will be necessary to make other search.


Vá de Ônibus lets you to ordinate the route options that will be listed according to the following criteria:
* Lower total cost of the tickets along the way;
* Shorter made distances between the lines, in kilometers;
* Shorter on-foot distance, in meters;
* Less transfers along the way.Put the search criteria in your preference order.
Vá de Ônibus will show a list with the 5 first options in the preference order that you chose.
If there will be less than 5 options, all of them will be listed.
* If you chose as first criterion the lowest number of transfers, the options of way with no transfers will be listed, followed by the only one transfer option with and so on. In this case, it is possible that the listed options be the ones of highest cost.
* If you chose as first criterion the lowest total ticket cost, the cheapest options will be listed. In this case, it is possible that the listed options be the ones with the longest distance to be made by the lines that need transfers in the middle of the way.After choosing the ordination criterion, choose one of the options presented in the list.
After choosing an option, Vá de Ônibus will open a page with the name and the number of the first line to be used, full information about cost, walk (in meters) and the distance made by the lines (kilometers), and all the instructions that you will follow to get to the place you want, besides the picture of the route chosen.

Bus Lines

"BUS LINES After choosing the route, by clicking on one of the listed options, Vá de Ônibus will open a Page with the map, at the top, and at the bottom, a chart with the name and the number of the first bus line to be used, information about the cost, walk and distance, and the information step by step about the way to be made.Understanding the chart information:
* Cost - it will be shown the price of the ticket for each bus line and the total cost of the way, in case there is more than one line.
* Walk – it will be informed the distance of each step of the way and the total distance, in meters, to be made on foot between the place you are and the pick-up point, between the transfer points (if there are) and between the final drop-off point and the wanted destination place.
* Distance – it will be informed the distance made by the bus lines, in kilometers, by each line and the total of the bus way.

Way step by step
The explanation below takes into consideration the use of only one line:
1. The first step informs how to get to the pick-up point and where it is. If it is necessary to walk to the point, it is informed the approximate distance, in meters, to be made on foot between the origin place and the pick-up point.
2. The second step informs the name and the number of the line that the user should take.
3. The third step informs the drop-off point.
4. The fourth step informs how to get to the wanted destination. If it is necessary to walk, it will be informed the approximate distance to be made, in meters, between the drop-off point and the destination place."

How to use the map

Vá de Ônibus permits you to see the route you chose in a map with all the information about the way.

How to use the map:
You will need to use the Zoom tool by choosing the icon Zoom to mark the place and see the dots. To move the map to any direction, use the Pan tool by selecting the hand icon."